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Check These Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone

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Testosterone, the primary male hormone, is produced by the testes in men, under the directions of the pituitary gland. Women also produce a small amount of the hormone. For men, the level of testosterone is of extreme importance. In this post, we will try to understand the symptoms related to low testosterone in detail.

Facts that matter

First things first, “signs” and “symptoms” don’t necessarily mean the same thing. Symptoms are felt, while signs are more tangible. The signs and symptoms of low testosterone can be confusing, as some of them are similar to symptoms of other diseases. In all cases, a blood test is required to understand the factors better. While the testes is responsible for producing testosterone, the pituitary and hypothalamus glands are equally important for maintaining good levels of the hormone.

Check these signs and symptoms

It’s important to mention that the signs and symptoms of low testosterone mentioned below can be an indication of other conditions, as well. Do not fall in the trap of self-diagnosis. The three most common symptoms of low T is low libido, fatigue and depression. You may also feel a sense of numbness in the testicles. As far as the signs are concerned, these can be more unique. Most men with low T have lower volumes of ejaculation. You may also notice other signs like unexpected muscle loss,  reduced size of testicles, increased fat mass, issues with erection, development of Type 2 diabetes, obesity, thyroid disorders, and unexpected reduction in bone mass.

Seek help

The levels of testosterone will start to drop after the age of 40, and that’s completely normal. If you are over 35, you might want to check with a doctor for a regular test, especially if you have any of the symptoms or signs mentioned above. In most cases, treatment can start immediately, and you don’t have to undergo replacement therapy with injections right away. Lifestyle changes and testosterone boosters are often used as the first approach, depending on the facts of the case. Low testosterone is a common problem, and there’s no reason to feel sad or depressed about it. With endless HRT options, it is possible to feel better in no time. Of course, you wouldn’t want to use any of the low test drugs for purposes other than treatment.

Check online to find more about the best testosterone boosters and as required, talk to a doctor today!

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