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Crowdfunding for Medical Students from Low-Income Backgrounds

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As a crowdfunding India platform that has helped thousands of families raise money for medical treatment, we’ve realized that there are too many people suffering from health problems, and too few doctors to save them.

When it comes to availability of medical care, we all know that it’s the low income groups that suffer most – this is true for those who need treatment, as well as those who want to study and become doctors themselves. A very touching video made by an Impact Guru Crowdfunder asked little children from a remote village in India, what they wanted to be when they grew up. So many of them replied saying they wanted to be doctors or engineers. Those who said they wanted to be doctors said that they wanted to help people who had diseases in their village. Those who said they wanted to be engineers said they wanted to build bridges and vehicles so that those who were ill could travel out of the village quickly, to get treated. Unfortunately, most of those little children’s dream may never come true, for their families do not have the financial requirements to put a child through medical school.

We already know the potential of a crowdfunding India in helping people with medical conditions – now it’s time we help expand the industry by providing financial help to students who want to become medical practitioners, but are unable to do so due to monetary limitations.

So here what we can achieve by providing a crowdfunding India platform to fulfil the dreams of those who want to grow up and become doctors:

  1. Raise money for the tuition for one or more children, and put them through medical school
  2. Build medical schools in regions of the country that don’t have schools
  3. Find professional medical practitioners who will teach/ volunteer to teach students that do not have access to medical education
  4. Raise money to provide educational resources to students from poor families – this may range from books, to stationary, to computers, to practical equipment
  5. Conduct workshops on medical topics that will help students who are already studying, stay updated with latest developments in the medical industry

Doctors are the most revered individual in society, because they save lives. When saving lives is the need of the hour, it’s important we all do our bit in furthering such causes. So if this is something that you feel will make a difference to the lives of people, pick up any one or more of these initiatives, and raise money with Impact Guru, to make it happen.


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