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Forskolin – Does This Weight Loss Catalyst Live Up To the Hype?

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Forskolin is said to be a science backed weight loss supplement. After it became one of the newest and fastest fat busters in the media, it exploded with popularity. Does it live up to the hype? What do the reviews made by customers say?


Forskolin was referred to as a ‘lightning in a bottle’ by Dr. Oz. Forskolin, which was extracted from a plant called coleus forskohlii that is grown in the South East Asian countries. It looks like an ornamental plant. Its leaves are purple in color.

How does Forskolin work?

It contains a substance calld cAMP. It has the property of attacking stored fat and burning more calories. The biggest plus is that your muscle mass is not lost when the extra fat is burnt. Some of the weight loss supplements get rid of the muscle mass and the water content of the body without burning fat. It is not the case with Forskolin. It burns only the extra fat and does not affect the muscle mass in any way.

What do reviews say?

When you browse the internet for real user reviews on Forskolin, you are sure to find lots of reviews. Most of the users have rated it with 5 stars.

  • One of the reviewers says that it does work because it helped him to lose more than 40 pounds in a week.
  • Another user says that he did a lot of research on Forskolin before buying a forskolin supplement. He is happy that the claims made by the manufacturers and the results from studies are true. He is pleased that his appetite has decreased sharply and he does not feel hunger pangs.
  • Another user, Janet, says that she is excited to be back to her pre pregnancy weight. She says that she loves Forskolin.

If you want to read more real reviews, you should read

Does Forskolin cause side effects?

You should take the supplement as directed on the label to avoid side effects. However, it is always safe to start taking supplements after consulting with your doctor. You should avoid it if you are pregnant and suffering from heart diseases and low blood pressure etc. Avoid taking it if you are taking anti coagulant medications.

Forskolin reviews show that the supplements containing Forskolin are really effective. Why don’t you try it?


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