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Gas and Bloating: Effective Home Remedies that can help you

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All of us are well verse with this term because we all have suffered from it atleast once in our life. And if we have suffered from it then we know how painful it can be that that swollen belly and bad smell can be so embarrassing especially if you are in a group of people. So to get instant relief from this pain and embarrassment, some homely remedies come handy and can be used anywhere, anytime.

These are some of the innocent remedies that can be easily used, and as they are totally free from side effects, one can use it without any fear. Some home remedies to get rid of gas and bloating mentioned below.


1.      Warm Lemon Water – Lemon, a citrus fruit is known for its richness in Vitamin C. But that’s not the only benefit of Lemon. Lemon is also rich in many other nutrients. Calcium, Proteins, Magnesium and Vitamin B are few of them. They all help in better digestion, and if digestion improves, then there are lesser chances of gas. Lemon, due is citrus nature helps the food to break down, hence making it easily digestible. To avoid gas, consume twospoons of lemon daily with lukewarm water, preferably early morning. You can make it a daily routine.

2.      Betel Leaf – Betel Leaves are also an easily available kitchen ingredient, and it also improves digestion. It affects our digestive system in such a way that the digestive juices in our body increase in quantity. It helps to get rid of gas and helps gas to pass away. It is not necessary to have it only if you are suffering from gas. It can be eaten in daily life too. A person who generally faces gas problems can have a betel leaf stuffed with a clove (not necessary) daily after every meal. This would decrease your chances of stomach gas.

3.      Smoothie to treat bloating – Smoothies are everyone’s favorite. We love to have them as they leave a cool effect on our body. Gas, on the other hand, generates heat in our body and hence to nullify the heat, acool smoothie can be used to treat gas or bloating. You can make a tasty and cool smoothie at home itself. Add yogurt, some fresh fruits, Chamomile tea, honey syrup and ice cubes in a blender and blend. After blending all the ingredients, consume it after pouring in a glass. It would definitely help you to get rid of bloating or gas.

Almost all these remedies provide instant relief to the patient. Just be particular about the dose. Even if you don’t feel any more pain then too continue these remedies for few days so that you are free from gas and bloating and that pain doesn’t arise again. If you still fail to find relief, then the last resort is a doctor. Visit him to get relief but don’t rely on pain killers to get rid of pain for long durations.


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