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How to Consume Cannabis- The Different Methods to Use

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As the recreational market for marijuana has exploded, it has led to the popularity of different methods of consuming Cannabis. Just a few years ago, it was only part of the fringe. While the most widely embraced method is none other than smoking marijuana as the marijuana flower is easily accessible, the legal medical and recreational use of cannabis has introduced a number of users to various forms of the drug, especially edibles and concentrates. If you are wondering about what methods you can use for consuming cannabis, here are some of the top options you can explore:

  • Smoking

Hands down, the most widely used method of consuming marijuana is smoking. It is also the simplest method of consuming it because all you need to do is take a rolling paper and some dried marijuana flower. Even though other methods of consuming cannabis are also gaining recognition, the social experience of passing marijuana around with your friends is what it is all about.

Over the years, various innovations have attempted to enhance the basic experience of inhaling the smoke of burning cannabis. Thus, you can find a variety of ways for smoking cannabis as well. The rolling technique is used for spliffs, blunts and joints whereas glassware and other material is required for smoking it out of a bubbler, bong or pipe.

  • Vaping Cannabis oil

The method of vaporizing or vaping cannabis gained popularity after the introduction of legal recreational markets for it. Vaping cannabis is quite similar to vaping tobacco in several ways, such as the use of heating elements and e-cigarette batteries. The concentrates that are utilized in vaping are usually found in oil form. It is also possible to vaporize herbaceous cannabis, even though it is less portable and efficient than hand-held method of vaporizing. If you opt to use marijuana delivery Los Angeles or any other state where it is legal, you can easily get it delivered to your desired address.

Vaping has become a popular method of consuming marijuana because it is quite discrete and doesn’t produce the telltale ‘weed smells’ that often give away cannabis users.

  • Eating and Drinking Edibles Infused with Cannabis

The epicurean delights are a unique part of the Cannabis culture. Culinary cannabis has attracted professional and amateur chefs alike and the ‘special brownie’ is one of their brainstorms. However, you should know that eating cannabis doesn’t mean that you just ingest the dried marijuana flowers. Instead, THC and other cannabinoids have to be activated and extracted from marijuana flowers using fatty substances such as oil and fat itself.

You can also drink cannabis and it also involves the use of tinctures, oils and other concentrates, which can be added to the beverage of your choice. From coffee to lemonade, drinkable cannabis is a smoke-free and easy way to consume this plant. Also, the metabolic pathways are different from inhaling so it has a more lasting effect.

These are some of the ways you can consume cannabis in for both legal and recreational purposes and enjoy the benefits associated with it.

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