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How to Get HGH Prescribed From Your Doctor or Illegally

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Human growth hormone or HGH can be purchased only through prescription. This is prescribed for the people who are suffering from growth hormone deficiencies. But this is not recommended in all the cases or situations of growth hormone deficiency. This is because these injections may come with lot of side effects as well. In many cases the negative effects caused may outweigh the benefits resulted from taking growth hormone injections.

The legal way to buy these injections is first one should get a prescription from the doctor and then purchase them in a pharmacy. But in case of athletes and bodybuilders who wish to use growth hormone injections mainly for enhancing muscle mass, rely on underground sources. This is because, doctors will not recommend HGH for them and hence they don’t get prescription easily.

HGH prescription from a physician:

According to FDA, growth hormone injections or HGH is not a controlled substance. But to purchase it one needs prescription. They are declared as prescriptions only. These injections are approved by FDA in mid 1970s. Since then there are varieties of formulations are available from many manufacturers.

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Specific growth hormone deficiencies demand specific type of growth hormone injections. For example in the treatment of cachexia, a growth hormone injection called Serostin is used. This same growth hormone injection can also be very effective in patients suffering from AIDS or HIV who have muscle wasting disease.

Growth hormones have a large impact on other hormones as well. They also influence overall wellness and health of the body. But when using a growth hormone, there must be a physician who can monitor the patient closely. He must also monitor other hormones in the body along with the one which is in, inadequate level. Check out the guide to buying this supplement.

Other users of growth hormone like athletes and bodybuilders for who doctors have not medically indicated the use of growth hormone may end up in misuse or abuse of the growth hormone. That is the reason, around the many sporting organizations have already banned the use of growth hormones. Along with this many drugs which help in enhancing stamina, endurance, physical performance, and muscle building have also been banned.

How to get HGH legally:

To purchase HGH legally one must first set up an appointment with doctor. When talking to him patients must explain the concerns they have related to growth hormone deficiency. Doctors will perform number of tests which are required to analyze the growth hormone deficiency if any. If it exists they will examine further to understand the reasons behind this deficiency.

In many cases the deficiency of growth hormone are due to injury to the pituitary gland, or due to some damage or disease to the pituitary gland. This gland is the gland behind the secretion of this hormone to the blood stream. It is also responsible for the production of insulin like growth factors in liver. For the growth of cells in the body these two are the major things needed.


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