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Questions To Ask A Hearing Healthcare Professional Before Getting A Hearing Test

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So you have noticed you are not hearing as well as you are supposed to and have made up your mind to have your hearing tested by an audiologist or a hearing professional. That is a smart choice! Leaving hearing loss untreated can put you at a very high risk of getting other health-related problems like dementia, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Knowing the right questions to ask when you decide to contact a hearing healthcare professional can ensure you get a good and reliable hearing test.

#1: Do both ears suffer the same hearing loss problem?

One of your feet is slightly different from the other and your eyes may also have diverse prescriptions. So it shouldn’t be so surprising to know that one of your ears hearing capability might be better than the other. Studies have shown that the right ear usually hears better than the other. The left ear excels at receiving information from emotion, music, and intuition, whereas the right ear is better for speech and logic. This is the reason why those suffering from a greater hearing loss in the left ear can find themselves being less able to understand the mood of a family member. It is also the reason why those with greater hearing loss in their right ear may lose some logical reasoning skills and abilities.

#2: Will a hearing aid be needed for both ears?

In as much as you may think it is necessary you wear a hearing aid in both your right and left ear, it is also important you ask your healthcare professional. In most cases, you may not. This depends on the seriousness of your hearing loss. However, asking your healthcare professional this question will ensure you get a clear explanation of why you either need to wear a hearing aid on both ears or on one ear.

#3: What type of hearing aid is best for my hearing loss, and lifestyle?

There are different hearing devices out there, each of these has its own features designed to match with a particular type of hearing loss and lifestyle. In order to enable your audiologist know the right hearing aid to prescribe for you, it is important you provide them with information about your listening environments and daily activities. As a matter of fact, that’s very important in every test auditif Audiologie Centre-Ouest you go for. Make out time prior to your appointment with a healthcare professional and outline those things you often do on a weekly or daily basis, including recreational activities, and other social situations. This will assist you in covering all the bases when the need to ask this question arises.

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