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Revitalization of Your Sexual Driven on a Soft Testosterone Therapy

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A balance of libido level is crucially necessary, especially for men. Maintaining a normal sexual appetite is proven to deliver a jolly mood and excellent performance. In a certain period of age for men over the age of 40, testosterone production would be decreased naturally. On top of that, during the consumption of steroids essence over several weeks of theprogram would suppress your ability to produce testosterone.

In this case, you can revitalize your libido level by having the testosterone propionate, cypionate, or enanthate. The small dose could prevent the side effect. Meanwhile,more massive dose would enhance your libido level rapidly. Recommended dose of this treatment is to use such enanthate essence 250 mg per week per one-time injection together with nolvadex 1 tablet per day.

How it influence your libido?

As it is known, testosterone is one of anabolic steroid, means that your muscle to synthesize elements to produce your muscle tissue development. On top of that, both oral and injectable testosterones would increase your libido by influencing the brain receptors. Limbic lobe conveys a sense of desire and ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus controls the erection process. More impact to your receptors would create more desires and erections on your libido driven.

For a young adult in the age of 25 to 30 years, consumption of testosterone improves your sexual desire, and strength. Meanwhile, for the one in the age of 40 or more, the muscle would be weaker and has a lower libido. Therefore, it is needed to do a medical check-up to your prostate before the treatment.


Dietary program to support your testosterone production

The rate of your testosterone outgrowth is also defined by your nutrients supply. High-quality of food might trigger your ability to produce this hormone. The formula is extremely simple. You just combine testosterone, protection, PCT (post cycle treatment), diet, training, dietary supplements.

A dietary cycle defined for several periods: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, during a workout, post workout, dinner and before bed. The breakfast menu could consist of oatmeal cereal, milk, fat-free cheese, protein powder, orange and omega 3 pills. This would ensure you have a certain amount of energy for your early day activities.

The morning snack period is in between breakfast and lunch.This period snack can be in various types of nuts (such as walnut or almond), and protein powder. Then in a few hours later, you need to have a lunch with olive oil, quinoa, meat/fish, vegetable, and apple. Amount of dish could be adjusted based on your calories intake benchmark.

Before you are going to work out in the afternoon, you need to eat one hour before the session with  a snack of oatmeal and protein powder. This additional snack helps you to gain more energy before the training. On one and a half hour after afternoon workout, there is an ideal time to have a dinner with basmati rice, eggs, vegetable, olive oil, and dark chocolate. And the last supply before bed is preferred with from age blanc.

Some of the periods could be cut if you want to cut your body mass. In that case, you need to reduce calories consumption. Or you still need to keep the meal periods with less amount of food supply would remain another excellent option.

Premium brand of excellent testosterone

Various types of products are available from many premium brands. Top manufacturers such as meditech, maxpro, thaiger-pharma, alpha-pharma, etc. deliver their product online. It is incredibly critical to select the goods from a high-quality manufacturer for the prudent use.  Many world-class champions prove this premium brand quality to improve their performance.

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