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Signs of Hearing Problems in Toddlers and When to Visit a Pediatric Diagnostics Rockville MD

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Some children develop hearing impairment as they grow while others are born with it. Hearing problem in toddlers is not a problem that one can just ignore because it has a lot of effect on the child. When a child has hearing problem, it affects the child’s comprehensive skills. It also affects the way a child speaks and hears. A toddler cannot fully explain the symptoms that he/she feels because they do not possess the skills to express themselves. To be able to diagnose a child with a hearing problem, you need to observe some certain behaviors of the child. Here’s a look at some common signs of hearing loss in toddlers and when you should schedule a visit to a pediatric diagnostics Rockville MD.

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  1. Does not respond to soft sounds

When you make soft sound like whisper to your toddler and they do not respond, then it is possible that the child has hearing impairment. For a chance to know if your toddler has hearing problem, consider the environment. Choose a quiet environment and a place free of distractions.

  1. Are they not startle when exposed to loud noises?

Most young kids will jump, cry, or in some way signify that they are startled when exposed to loud noises. If your toddler does not react to loud noise, it could be that he/she cannot hear the noise due to the hearing problem.

  1. Cannot locate the source of sounds

Usually when a child hears a sound they quickly turn to the direction where the sound is coming from. Naturally children are easily distracted when they hear a sound because they will want to turn to the direction of the sound. If a sound is made and your toddler is finds it difficult to locate the direction then it could be that the child is experiencing hearing loss.

  1. Only responds when facing you

Most times we communicate with our toddlers in simple language that requires simple answers such as a yes or no or simply by nodding their head. A child with a hearing problem will only be able to respond when facing you. You might also notice that the child concentrate on the faces of people to understand what they are saying before responding. This is another symptom of hearing problem.

  1. Displays symptoms of other health issues

There are many health conditions that contribute to hearing problem. You should observe the reaction of your toddler when he or she is cold or has an infection. Take note if your child pulls at his or her ears, presents with cold symptoms, suffers from chronic ear infections, or is unusually cranky.

If all these signs just discussed are present in your toddler then it is obvious that your child has developed a hearing problem. The best recommendation is to schedule a visit to a pediatric diagnostics Rockville MD for full evaluation of your toddler. A pediatric diagnostics will run several tests to determine whether or not your child is indeed experiencing hearing loss and also administer the right treatment.

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