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Some Major Ways to Stimulate Your Low Level Testosterone Production

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Testosterone is produced by the male organ known as testicles. They are one of the glands in our endocrine system and they get signals from the pituitary gland, which is located in our brain to produce the hormone. All the functioning and maintenance of other glands are done by the pituitary, also known as the master gland.

Progesterone and estrogen hormones which maintain and develop subordinate sex characteristics are produced by ovaries in females and in males, testicles are responsible for subordinate sex characteristics. Testosterone is associated with libido, fertility, male body hair, an intensifying male voice, sperm production, capability to have the erection, sex drive and muscle strength.

Testosterone not only regulates these functions, but is also responsible for muscular strength and size, bone mass, diffusion of fat and most importantly the making of red blood cells. There are some reasons behind the low level counts of testosterone that affect the production of this sex hormone.

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  • Symptoms of a decrease in testosterone:

Testosterone levels are higher during the teenage years and when men reach the age of 40, it peaks. However, slowly with the growing age, the production decreases due to health status, diet and lifestyle. Besides, conditions like hypogonadism, which is caused due to damage of hypothalamus and pituitary gland is also responsible for low testosterone. With this decrease, you can be able to note some signs in your body, which are as follows:

  1. Mood swings – frustration, irritability depression.
  2. Decreased sex drive.
  3. Incapability to maintain and obtain an erection.
  4. Difficulty in focusing.
  5. Reduction in muscle mass.
  6. Hair loss.

It doesn’t mean that the decrease in growth hormone can’t be fixed or get back to normal levels. There are some ways and tips which can help you in increasing the testosterone counts:

  • You can approach a doctor who is specialist in performing testosterone substitution therapy. However, this will depend on your level and the current production rate after examining you thoroughly with the help of some blood tests. This way, your doctor can determine the actual reason behind the decrease of hormone levels, which will help in the treatment.
  • Another way is by taking properly prescribed natural injection of the supplements. These are famously known as the testosterone boosters.


You can easily get these supplements online. However, it is recommended to take them after discussing with your doctor for better results.


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