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Get to know more about plastic surgery and its variable types from the Experts

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One may try several medicines or some different treatment in removing those everlasting scars and wounds in the body, still there comes no proper result. Well in the recent times, plastic surgery is the only method of healing every type of wounds in the body.  Though people take this to be a serious operation but on the flip side plastic surgery is a very simple surgery which gives a permanent solution to every problems related to skin. Here, the experts of Sono Bello will highlight how a plastic surgery is performed.

Well, there can be various ways of doing a plastic surgery but there are three important methods which gets followed the most. These three methods are common and have given some successful result. The three types of plastic surgery which gets performed are- Skin grafts, Tissue Expansion and Flap Surgery.

Skin grafts– This a surgical process where a healthy skin gets removed from the unaffected area in the body and is used to cover up the area of damaged skin. This is the most common method of performing a plastic surgery.  This particular method is not only for skins but is used in bone fractures which breaks the skin, large wounds which happen sometimes due to cancer and even for burns. There are actually two types of skin graft which gets performed. One is the full thickness skin graft, in which the epidermis and the dermis are removed.  Another one is a partial or split thickness skin graft, where the epidermis and the smaller part of the dermis are removed.

Tissue Expansion– This is another process of plastic surgery which is used many a times by the surgeons. In this particular surgery the body grows extra skin by surrounding tissue.  This extra thing helps to reconstruct the wounded area. Tissue Expansion is mostly used in breast reconstruction and in cleaning large wounds.

In this technique a balloon like device is inserted called an expander under the skin.  Then that particular element is filled with salt water over time which helps the skin to grow slowly and steadily. This operation is carried out under general anesthetic.

If someone asked about the time limit for tissue expansion surgery then it should be kept in mind that it depends from person to person. If the area of the wound is much bigger, then it takes a lot of time to replace the skin.

Flap Surgery

This particular surgery is not that common but sometimes it is also used on few human bodies.  This particular process involves transfer of a living piece of tissue from one part of the body to another along with the blood vessels which keeps in running.

This surgery is used for a variety of reasons which includes breast reconstruction, open fractures, large wounds and helps in improving cleft lip and palates.Plastic surgery is the only solution to some serious skin problems and the result it gives is absolutely perfect. Over the years it has been approved by many doctors and even the patients in the recent times prefer to undergo a plastic surgery. At Sono Bello there are highly experience doctors who have been successful in undergoing many such surgeries.

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