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What is the truth about erectile dysfunction and treatment?

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What is this disease, and what you do about it? While it does affect nearly one in four men, ED is something that is easily treated. However, you need to know the cause to treat it effectively.

The primary forms of impotence

  •    Venogenic impotence

In this kind of impotence, the veins in the penile region lock themselves and block blood to flow smoothly. About 50% of impotence cases are resulting from venous leakage. Most men with this problem have by no means had a standard penile erection as adults, but some may perhaps enhance it after years of normal sex daily life.

  •    Diabetic impotence

About half of all males with diabetic issues also suffer from erectile dysfunction and need to seek therapy with a monthly foundation. A physician wants to carry out bloodstream checks, for example, HBA1C or fructosamine. If HBA1C levels are discovered to become more than typical, then a diet plan and medicinal drugs are modified accordingly.

  •    Neurogenic impotence

This arises once the delicate tissues of penile nerves are damaged resulting from aspects which include back harm, or perineal or pelvic trauma.

  •    Psychogenic impotence

This occurs when a man is unable to obtain or sustain a penile erection due to psychological factors including performance anxiety, guilt, disappointment, or even a troubled partnership.

  •    Arteriogenic impotence

This happens once the arteries that supply blood for the penis tend not to operate correctly and there is a weaker blood circulates in male member. Narrowing of your arteries is frequently in older guy’s population or those with excessive bloodstream pressure or diabetes.

Treating impotence

There are many erectile dysfunction treatments conveniently available today. But don’t jump headlong into any treatment without understanding some of the methods first:

  1.    Prescription medications

These medications (like for example Kamagra 100mg) work by preventing the breakdown of nitric oxide, causing muscles in the penis to relax. This allows more blood to flow into the penis and allows it to engorge, giving the opportunity of an erection. Side effects risks are very high, with the most common being backaches, a runny nose, headaches, dizziness and facial flushing.

  1.    Vacuum devices

This involves cylinders that fit around the penis and create a vacuum inside the tube to draw blood into the penis, thus causing an erection. When you obtain erection through this method of vacuum constriction device, you will found out that it does not feel like an erection achieved naturally.

  1.    Surgery

Vascular surgery is a last resort option because surgery can cause injury to nerves and arteries and leave unwanted scar tissue. In severe cases can be performed to restore blood flow to the penile area if the blood vessels are compromised.

  1.    Herbal treatments

Due to many unwanted side effects and expense of the methods mentioned above, there is a fast growing demand and interest for herbal therapies. Men are attracted to the lower cost of this treatment, no side effects and the fact that some natural treatments can put a complete end to your erectile dysfunction dilemma. There is a common herb that is the king of all herbal remedies. Just taking a small dose of this wonder herb can work wonders for your erections so you can finally satisfy your woman and improve your overall health.

There are several modes of treatment that can be used in the erectile dysfunction treatment. Natural methods are being preferred because they are associated with fewer side effects as compared to artificial methods.


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