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What to Look For in a Heroin Rehab Treatment Center

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Treating a heroin addict involves therapy, medication, support groups and changes in lifestyle. These treatments are found at both outpatient and inpatient treatment centers. Detox is the first step in heroin rehab and in overcoming heroin addiction. It is best not to detox without the help of a physician. Withdrawal from heroin is quite painful and can take weeks for the slow readjustment of the body. Therapy also will tackle the underlying behaviour that led to a person’s heroin use. Therapy can also tackle any disorders that are co-occurring such as depression.

Numerous rehabs

There are many rehabs that offer treatment for heroin addiction throughout the US but not all treatment centers are the same as some have better track records. Those looking for a heroin rehab should consider their needs, such as polydrug abuse problems, and ensure the treatment center is equipped for this.

Best heroin rehabs

Most former addicts of heroin have inpatient rehab to thank for their recovery. Inpatient rehab stops the outside environmental and social factors that make it so much harder to achieve sobriety. In a good heroin rehab, residents should have a structured routine including daily therapy, support groups as well as activities. Each rehab is different with the types of activities offered. Some focus on mental as well as physical health, with daily exercises. Some are more exciting, scheduling hiking as well as rock climbing. Others are more relaxing and may offer a much more deluxe setting for treatment.

Inpatient rehab

Inpatient heroin rehab can last between 30 to 90 days and in some severe addictions even longer. Detox is also a vital part of inpatient rehab. Since heroin withdrawal symptoms are quite intense, many will use the drug again to relieve their pain even if they are serious about quitting. Therefore, a medically supervised detox will help lessen the symptom of withdrawal with the help of some medication.


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