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Women and their steroid usage

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What steroid can a female take? Although there are controversies about the steroid usage in women, they have been taking it for decades for fitness, body building and work outs. As many say the female and steroid can never be matched due to their effects on women, there are some types of steroids exclusively used for women? List of the steroids for female usage:

  1. Anavar: It’s basically called a Girls steroid and is perfectly safe for female to use. It has low virilization rate, which means it helps in cutting down the abnormal development of male characteristics.
  2. Winstrol: It helps the women in cutting down the excess fat and losses weight. It has the mild effects and completely safe for female users especially for athletes and body builders.
  3. Primobolan: This steroid maintains the physique of women by making lean and gives a perfect body shape. It has fewer characteristics of male hormones.
  4. Clenbuterol: It is a legal steroid and helps to cut down the fat by burning. It is safer for women.
  5. Trenorol: Trenorol give women energy and increases the stamina.hat

However, steroid like dianabol is not recommended for female due to its adverse effects. Thus, female Dianabol cycle is considered dangerous.

Virilization in women:

Virilization is the abnormalities found in women due to the male sex hormones taken in the form of steroids. Most of the steroids are made by the testosterone, which is a male hormone and all steroids are not suitable for women. The dosage of all the steroids taken by women should be low to avoid virilization. The effects of virilization in female are:

  • Excessive growth of hair on the body as in men.
  • Changes in the vocal chords and thus the voice changes harder.
  • More muscle gain in some parts of the women body which makes masculine features.
  • Baldness can be caused due to use of steroids.
  • Causes irregularities in menstrual cycles.

Dianabol and women:

Dianabol is one steroid which is popular among the men bodybuilder helps in gaining massive weight and stamina. It causes adverse side effects to women when used, but can be used in lower dosages. Female users of this steroid should always consult a doctor before taking it. When women uses dianabol, which is an anabolic steroid and contains high testosterone much care to be taken. The dianabol cycle in men lasts for about four to six weeks which differs in dosage. However the female dianabol cycle should last less than four to six weeks with low dosage. Shorter cycles are preferable for women. There may be some serious side effects of dianabol after continuous use for weeks. Some side effects of dianabol in women:

There are chances of not getting pregnant and miscarriages are even common when steroid cycles are more in women. The born babies may suffer with diseases and menstrual cycles are effected much. Higher blood pressures and cholesterol increase are observed. Depression, anxiety and mood swings are common in many women after using steroids. Typical skin diseases, liver damage and dehydration are caused by use of steroids in female.

Thus women should be very careful while choosing the steroid and are advised to avoid the use of steroids.

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